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So much has happened in the past several months.

I ventured into the realm of self-hosted blogs. I found myself in over my head, but I have tread water very hard, and I think I am ready to swim with the rest of the world of bloggers and websites.

The new site is called COFFEE ON MY PORCH and has become a lifestyle blog (or maybe that is what this one was as well).

Although I am gearing up to re-launch the site as of July 31, 2017, much of the work I am doing is visible as I learn how to function in the world of WordPress and self-hosted blogs. (It is because I truly believe in life-long learning that I am insisting on creating this myself.)

Coffee on my Porch 5

Hope to see you soon on my porch for some coffee and conversation.



Nineteen years ago, I got into into my Jeep. It was late. I was tired. I had too much on my plate: raising two active and involved boys, a job, horrible Northern Illinois winter weather, and the beginning stages of divorce.

I shoved the key into the ignition and started the Jeep.Then, the radio (pre-Sirius) sprang to life with this song. It became a motivational song for me: No matter what was going to be thrown in my direction, I needed to pick myself and my emotions up off the road and get on with life.

I didn’t realize when I heard it that that the song had been recorded some fourteen/fifteen years earlier in 1983 – the same year I had gotten married. And now, in 1998, it was back on the radio.

I think it’s great how music has the ability to be the firecracker that gets us in motion.