As I work to get this blog up and running, I’m also working to get my studio up cleaned up and organized.

What is a studio? What does one need to start crafting?

I’m a multi-interest crafter. In other words, I enjoy working at a wide variety of different types of crafts as much as I enjoy learning new crafts. With that said, I keep the basics as well as gather new materials needed for starting something new.


a good pair of scissors and/or cutter

items with color: crayons, pencils, markers

paper: lined, graph, blank copy paper, even carbon paper

glue: white glue, rubber cement, as well as other types of glue

tape: masking, scotch, painter’s tape

good lighting

a filing systems: index cards, file cabinet, or even a good flash drive


A crafter’s studio needs some organization. My studio, right now, is in various portions of my house: the garage, the kitchen, the guest room, the family room, and the basement.

My favorite organizational item is my father’s old, small tool box. The top lifts up to reveal storage and a panel, removed from the front, reveals several small drawers for a variety of storage. I also have a couple of old dressers in which I store crafting supplies.

Watch for pictures, before and after, as I work to get completely organized.

Email me with suggestions and ideas you have for getting your crafting studio organized.


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