As I sit at my computer this morning, thunder occasionally rattles my windows and shakes my house, lightening brightens up the room, and the rain steadily falls outside. The weatherman predicts a possible snow.

WHAT? SNOW? He can’t be serious. It’s April 10. Oh, wait. I guess I do remember snow in April and even May. My mother has a pictures to prove it.

It’s the first real thunderstorm of the season; the one I always dread. Why?

First, Harley (A border collie that we had to put down) would have been trying to hid under our bed. Not an easy feat. Now, I’ve been wondering how our puppy (a 5 month German short hair pointer mix) will react.

“Storm? What storm. Let me sit here and chew on this cow’s hoof.” He is apparently oblivious to storms, looking up at only the loud cracks of thunder.

Second, I can hear the rain running down my kitchen window, and I wonder if the work bricking up the casement window in the basement will still render my basement dry.

Third, it’s almost 7:00 am and it’s still dark. My animalistic desire is to crawl back into bed with a good book and a cup of cappuccino. Alas, I must, sooner or later, report to my job-job. Umbrella? Check. Jacket? Check. What? I still have to take the garbage out to the end of the drive.



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