It’s not that I haven’t been checking my email and working through the assignments, I have. I just haven’t been posting.

WARNING: This post seems to ramble.


This evening I have been sitting on the couch while the cool breeze eases its way through my open windows. I’ve been perusing several posts by my fellow bloggers in this course. I wrote about neighbors in the post for Day 4: Identify Your Audience,” and was inspired by how Claremary P. Sweeney addressed today’s assignment “Get Inspired By The Neighbors.”

Not only are the writers in this blogging class neighbors, but they are becoming friends. You can never have enough friends.

Human beings are social beings. We need the presence of others. We need friends.

Many times we don’t realize this until we are alone ourselves.

After my mother’s significant other passed away, I found my mother becoming more active in church, going more places, and asking me to go out to dinner sometimes three times a week. I had never realized how much they had done together. When his Alzheimer’s had my mother at her wits end, she convinced his children that he needed to be admitted to a facility that catered to people with Alzheimer’s.

When my mother passed away almost two years ago, I realized how much of my daily routine had become woven around the relationship with my mother. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything.

Now, as I sit here alone (My husband is an over-the-road truck driver; my children are grown and living on their own; and many of my tangible friends are still working, have families of their own, and busy lives) I realize the human need for social contact, friends, and neighbors.

We can share our life story with friends because they aren’t judgmental.

We can call on friends when we just need human contact and a hug.

We can call on friends when we need company when we go shopping, attend a show, or explore a new interest.

We can share our joys with our friends as well as our sorrows.

Friends are the ones, as Tracy Lawrence says, who you can call at any time.

I have a friend who is also my neighbor. We borrow things from each other; we go for exercise walks together; and we wander into each other’s yards for conversation.

I have a friend who is my life sister. When we met, there was an instant connection.

I have a friend who is my husband. I met him when I was exploring the AOL chat rooms (when chat rooms were free and most connections were dial up).

I have friends from high school and college that I talk to on line, but rarely see due to their busy lives or location. But, we are still friends.

I have friends from writer’s conferences and conventions that I only see once a year.

I have friends from various social media who I have never met face to face.

Neighbors can be friends, and friends can be neighbors. So thank you to all my new friends, and welcome to all my new neighbors who are sharing space in this WordPress neighborhood.


I spent several days trying on different themes. Although I thought I had the theme and idea of this blog all figured out, this class has me digging deep to really figure out what I want to accomplish and how I want this blog to look. Although I have Cerauna at the moment, I’m not sure it fits for everything I want to do. Rather than fret over it, I’ve decided to stick with my current theme and see if I can manipulate it to look and feel like I want.


I went into the “about me” page and made some revisions, but it doesn’t show up as a post. Here is my “about me” page.


Since the “love your theme” assignment, I have been playing with the header and the widgets. I don’t necessarily like the header image I have on the page currently, but I haven’t had time to take a picture of anything else.


I’ve been reading a number of blog posts, posting comments, liking posts, and following new blogs. I get wrapped up in reading and exploring people’s blogs, but then when I’m finished, I forget to copy the link and move on to another blog. By the time I realize I forgot to copy the URL so I can share it here, I don’t know which ones I had looked at. That is, until tonight. Tonight, I realized that “following,” “My Comments,” and “My Likes” were all links. I clicked on “following” and found that WordPress has given me a list and the most recent post of the blogs I have started following. Then I clicked on “My Comments” and was taken to a list of the blog posts on which I had commented – the same for “My Likes”



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