Moving is tough.

Finding the house out of the first seven you toured, going through the offer/counter-offering process the next day and getting your final offer accepted, meeting the bug and house inspectors at the house the third day, and returning to your home a 10 hour drive away is NUTS.

Top that craziness off with the fact that your current home is not on the market NOR packed up and you are closing on the new house in only a calendar date month.

It is necessary to take at least a month break from my writing to get the current house packed up, get all the necessary moving calls made, and at least get a livable set-up in our home.

Today is August 30, and the moving truck comes September 18. WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!


2 thoughts on “MOVING IS NUTS!!!

  1. I can understand your grouse. I moved to a different continent and I am still struggling to find my feet. Just take a day at a time. Set up the kitchen so that you have food to live on, a do a little bit each day so that it is not to overwhelming. Good luck

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