Who am I? Why am I here?

If you have read any of the previous posts, you would discover that I recently moved from Northern Illinois to Middle Tennessee. I have decided that I will never move again. BUT, enough of that because this post is supposed to be about who I am and the purpose for this blog.

I took a quick look at my “about me” page and it says quite a bit about me so I’m going to leave you with the “about me” page as to Who I Am.


This blog has found itself in transition several times, even changing its name. We live in a social world and I find that I enjoy blogging because I am a social being. When I lived in Northern Illinois, my neighbor and I would sit down for morning coffee at the little cafe table that sat on my driveway. I miss her and our summer and holiday conversations. Sometimes we had differing opinions, but in discussing our position, it made us evaluate what we thought and listen to what the other person thought.

I see this as a conversation and a place to explore different opinions.

After teaching for 34 years, raising two boys who will be 30 and 32 this year, surviving divorce, meeting my second husband on line, getting to know my two step-daughters who will be 28 and 30 this year, retiring from a lifetime career, and moving out of state, I have a great deal in common with many people who are my would-be readers.

I love gardening, crafts, photography, music, and several other activities. My neighbor and I would carry on conversations as we weeded our gardens or shared our crafts or shared a garage sale.

This is a place where I want to put my ideas out there and have my readers comment and discuss their opinions and ideas.


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