Monday, February 8, 2016 is the start of the Chinese New Year: the year of the monkey.

It is a time to celebrate a year of hard work. It is a time to relax with family. In fact, the Chinese refer to the New Year’s Eve dinner as “reunion dinner”. It is a time to get together with several different generations to enjoy food and family.

This seems much like Thanksgiving in my family, or even Christmas Day. As I was growing up, however, my extended family got together monthly to celebrate birthdays. When I was a kid, each individual got their special family gathering unless someone else had their birthday that specific week. Then, you would share the celebration. But I’m getting off track.

Back to the Chinese New Year.

What can you do to celebrate the Chinese New Year like the Chinese?

Research and read about the Chinese New year here, or here, or even here.

Serve a dinner like the Chinese would. Include fish, Chinese dumplings, spring rolls, and sweet rice balls.

Eat tangerines, oranges, and pomeloes.

Wear red, especially red underwear. Red is thought to keep bad luck away.

I think I’ll just order out some Chinese and reflect on how much I’ve accomplished in the past year.

Xinnian Kuaile = Happy New Year

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