It’s been a little over a month since I posted anything on here. My how a month can fly, but so much has happened in those thirty days.

*I attended a writer’s institute/convention. Three days in Madison, Wisconsin.

*Participated in a 15 day blogging challenge by Mike with Content Igniter’s. Focused on my writer site for those two weeks. I learned a great deal from Mike’s daily assignments. (Note: He is starting the two week challenge again starting on Monday, May 23rd. Check it out here.)

*We have our house sold as long as the buyer’s financing goes through and the well and septic pass testing on Monday.

*After applying for an extension on our taxes, I’ve been working to pull together the added information that my tax prep lady needs. Moving in the middle of a tax year has given us frustrations we weren’t expecting.

*I have given focus to this blog: HAPPINESS.

*I gave my first speech to my new Toastmasters group, and I am prepping a speech on happiness for them. I’m on the schedule in a little over a week.

*I’ve been playing first violin with the Spring Hill Orchestra. I’ve been playing second violin for the last six years so I have been motivated to practice.

*I have enrolled in Mike’s 15 day blogging challenge to focus and work on this blog.

So, with a new, and clearer, focus, what would you like to learn or know about happiness? Please respond in the comments. You can find the comments section by clicking on the “Leave a comment” link to the left of this article. I’d love to know what you want to learn.


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