When November hit, I realized that I had not done much with my writing, nor with happiness and this blog, for most of the year. In reality, I’ve been in up and down funks for most of the year. I’ve been waiting for time to kick me in the proverbial ass to get up and change things when I should have been digging deep into my being and saying, “Enough of this crap. Get up and get your act together and get stuff done.”

With this blog (begun in October 2012), I’ve been worried how it will look if I try and revamp it or clean it up. Well, no more.

As the year 2016 draws to a close, I have picked myself up by my own suspenders and given myself a good talking to. Then, starting today, I will be cleaning up this blog, deleting stuff that has no business on here, and getting an editorial calendar up and running for January.

Look out world, here I come. The following quote by Joanne Clancy is precisely where I want to be.



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