Found on TheyAllHateUs

2017 is now two days old. I’ve taken time to reflect on the past year, even two and three years.

It is time to start over – to alter the path I have taken – to update my goals – to rewrite what it means to be retired and in my 50s.

Retirement is hard. I had after school activities during high school. I worked at least one, if not two or three, jobs while I was in college. Even over the 34 years I taught, I worked side jobs, chauffeured my kids to their extra-curricular activities, and worked extra-curricular activities at the high schools where I taught.

In 2014, when I retired, I found myself floundering. I watched far too much television and slept in far too often.

With a new year it is time to start over: change my way of thinking, connect with the world around me, and truly believe in myself and my talents and abilities.

Isn’t it time for you to start again, to believe in yourself, to find a more positive way of thinking, and to connect with the world around you in different ways?


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