I dusted off the camera bag and took the two cameras to Northern Illinois for the holidays. Result: no pictures. I had wanted to take pictures, but I was sucked into the vortex of enjoying time with my family and friends.

I love photography and I am once again joining the throng of people who participate in the WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s challenge focuses on names.


As Romeo states, “What’s in a name?”

According to some, your whole identity is linked to your name. Some parents go to great lengths when choosing their baby’s name. In an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show (season 2, episode 7), Ritchie wanted to know what the initial “R” stands for. He learns that his middle name is Rosebud, and that it is the combination of 7 names.

Actors, musicians, DJs, athletes, and writers (just to name a few) change their names.


Some, like my grandfather when he emigrated from Sweden, changed his last name to make it easier to spell.

Some people change their name to make it more memorable or to separate themselves from those they are related to.

This picture was taken in Nashville. Although the guy’s name makes me laugh, it is memorable enough that if I were to need an attorney, I would probably call him. Wouldn’t you???



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