I found this “poster” on Pinterest one day and traced it back to “A Merry Life.”

If you are like me, projecting what I will accomplish when the year is over is a daunting task. Life has so many curve balls it can throw at us – both good and bad.

True, I have some ideas of what I would like to accomplish. For example, when we moved into our house, I knew that at some point I would need to paint the guest room – neon lime green with hot pink sheer curtains is just not something I wanted to subject any guest to. But the early spring brought an abundance of rainy days, May brought health issues for my husband, June brought the closing of our trucking business, and summer brought 90+ days with no rain and 85+ days with temperatures above 90 degrees. The idea of washing and painting the guest room with both the windows AND door closed just never sounded appealing. Then, it was all of a sudden Halloween, and I knew my son and his girlfriend were coming to visit for an early Thanksgiving. Neon lime green had to go. The oppressive heat had given way to some gorgeous days; so, the windows opened and the room got painted.

If I hadn’t gotten it painted, oh well. My son and his girlfriend would still have visited. After all, they came to see us, not the room.

The other problem with thinking about what you can get done in a year is the concept of procrastination. You have 11 months to put something off, and then, if you don’t get it started or finished during December, you get upset with yourself.

I break life down into days, weeks, and months. What can I get done today? If I don’t get it done today, it moves to the next day. It will get done sometime this week. And weekly tasks get the same treatment. If I don’t get it done this month, it moves to next month.

Sooner or later I get tired of rewriting the task or project in my bullet journal and set my foot to getting it done.

So I challenge you to think about what you can get done TODAY. If it doesn’t get done today, try tomorrow.


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