Can you believe the weather here in Middle Tennessee? It was warm enough again on Sunday (yesterday) to open the windows for a while. If it weren’t for the powerful morning winds, I probably would have had breakfast and coffee on the porch or deck every day this week. I’m concerned, however, that this might mean a lengthy, hot summer. We will see.

I’ve made baking powder biscuits, and the honey is on the table. So are the bourbon peach preserves I made last summer. Grab a mug and pour yourself a cup of coffee and let’s talk.

I will be so glad when Friday’s inauguration is over. I’m tired of all sides and their memes, their cartoons, and all of the political garbage. I’m tired of lies, and misrepresentation, and the “my-guy-is-better-than-your-guy” attitude. But that is all about politics because I don’t care what side you are on, I will talk issues, but not people.

With that in mind, I should tell you I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up my husband’s first three prescriptions. They were partially covered by the new insurance. The woman who signed him up for the policy led us to believe that we would be paying the first $3,000.00 of medical care, doctor appointments, and prescriptions before insurance would cover anything. I need to call her this week.

We FINALLY got our bed frame from IKEA – 2 months after I ordered it. When the delivery people dropped off the four boxes, they told us that they were missing one more piece. What an ordeal calling IKEA! It was not the first time I had tried to contact IKEA about our bed, but it was the first time I decided to wait on hold for a representative until they actually answered. One of the times I had tried, I waited on hold for over 30 minutes. When we got a hold of the company, the fun began. First, the delivery company numbers and the IKEA numbers did match each other. Second, I was told that I had received an email that stated that the item we ordered had been on back order. I told her that that just wasn’t the case. At no time had I received such an email, and I pulled my email folder up and started reading to her. When I got to the delivery company’s email that stated something was missing on the truck, the lady on the other end of the phone told me that that was the email. I lost it. Since when does the word “missing” mean “on back order.” Thank God my husband has more of an even-keel temperament on the phone. As he noticed the steam escaping from my ears, he took over the phone conversation.

In relief, I have to say that the bed frame is put together and that IKEA compensated our lengthy wait and frustration by refunding the shipping fee.

We ended the week with the 2 1/2 hour trip south to see my step-daughter and four of our grandkids and celebrate Christmas with them. The two oldest have been diagnosed with ADHD (among other things) and are finally on medication. The improvement in their behavior and focus is quite obvious even in the 5 hour visit we had with them. The two youngest are growing so fast: now 1 1/2 years and the other 6 months. After a dinner of Christmas pizza and the ceremonious opening of presents, we reluctantly left to go home.

Needless to say, we had a full week here at The Driveway Cafe, but all of them seem to be full.

May your week be full of things that bring you joy and happiness. May your week be full of victory and success. May you get those things you want to get done completed.



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