I found today’s tidbit poster on my Facebook page. It fits me and it fits my new year.

We have breakfast on Monday mornings with a group of people. One of the gentlemen marvels at the spiral notebook I always have with me, and teases me about writing everything down. I felt so conscious about it that I tried to function without it. It doesn’t work.

This week’s Tuesday Tidbit is about planning.

I have to admit it. I AM A PLANNER.

It has been evident since my kids were in kindergarten and second grade. (They are now 30 and 32.) It was evident to my co-workers who considered me the most organized person they knew. It was evident to the professors in both my master’s program and administrative program. These people didn’t bother me when they commented on how organized I was.

I planned the lessons I was to teach; I planned meals for the week; I planned my errands to save on time and gas; I planned my days.

It wasn’t until recently, since my husband has been “retired,” that I have started to feel self-conscious about my planning. But it has been, and probably always will be, a part of who I am.


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