Thanks for coming over again today for coffee.

I want to share with you some changes I want to make in the Cafe and see what you think about them.

I am retired, but I hate the word “retired.” It makes me feel old. It makes me feel like I have given to the world, and that I should now sit back and let the world revolve. Sorry. That won’t happen anytime soon.

When we first looked at relocating to Tennessee, I contacted a realtor about some properties we wanted to look at. He asked for some information about my husband and me, but when I told him that I had recently retired from teaching high school, he went into sales mode. He said that before we looked at any of the properties I had viewed online, that I should look at what was available in a few of the retirement communities in the area.

Retirement communities? Really? Uh, I don’t think so. After 34 years of teaching, I may be considered retired from a career, but I am working at my newest career – writing and speaking.

Not only that, but I have friends that span a wide age range: the youngest in their 20s to the oldest in their 80s.

Remember that age is just a number. It should not define you, nor should you let it limit you.

But, I realize as I tell you this that my focus for this blog really is about how to live a happy life as a retired mom and teacher. Well, maybe not retired. Maybe refocused and re-titled. I am a grandmother (Nana) instead of a parent, and I am a writer and speaker instead of a teacher. Pretty cool, huh?

Now, that I am focused, I’d like to move our coffee date to Wednesdays.

On Mondays, I will be creating a new post “Music for your Monday.” Songs to inspire, motivate, and help you focus on the best “you” you can be.

Let’s start with today’s song, or rather what should have been Monday’s song.

I was listening to the radio on the way to my chiropractor appointment this morning. This so defines me. I don’t want to do what most people think I should do. Like Robert Frost and Lauren Alaina, I want to be someone who takes the risk and takes the road less traveled.


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