My name is Karna Tecla. I am a retired high school English teacher (June of 2014) who is finally comfortable calling herself a writer.

My family consists of a loving husband, two adult boys (the oldest one married), two step-daughters, and 7 grandchildren. This past year (2016) my husband, who had worked as an over-the-road truck driver, had to give up the road due to health reasons. He is now working in our wood shop creating spectacular items out of wood. We are kept company by The Spice Brothers (Pepper and Nutmeg). Pepper is a German Short-haired pointer mixed with black lab. He is temperamental and arrogant. Nutmeg is a Plott Hound mixed with Pitbull. He is easy-going and always happy to see us. He is also the shop dog because he is the one who will not leave the yard.



For 57 years, I called Northern Illinois home. I had lived in the same house for 29 years. Forest preserves/parks and corn fields surrounded the neighborhood. I lived at least a 7 minute drive from anything.


I  conceived this blog on my driveway. My wrought iron cafe table and two chairs sat on the driveway, right where these potted herbs are sitting. However, the spring of 2015 saw the landscaping re-done, but the weeds just didn’t want to die. I had to keep spraying the patches of weed and grass that seemed to want to pop up everywhere they shouldn’t be popping up. I didn’t want my vegetables and herbs near the pesticide so I left them in pots on my driveway.

In September 2015, we left this home and traveled to Middle Tennessee to our forever home. I am still out in the middle of nowhere – a 10 minute drive from the edge of the nearest town.


I love my new kitchen.


and the sunset views from my front porch.

In addition to a grounded home, we traded in our former vacation home on wheels



purchased a more user-friendly vacation home on wheels. Her name is Addie. We have already been out twice this year for a total of three weeks.


My life?

Well, my life is a vast kaleidoscope of interests, ideas, and opinions.

When I was a kid, my mother challenged me to explore my interests.

When I was in first grade, I spent Saturday mornings at Choir School. It sounds horrible now, but then, it was something I looked forward to. Choir School was run by our church, and we were involved through the year we were confirmed. After confirmation, we could continue to be involved, but as counselors. Choir School consisted of confirmation/religious studies, music theory, youth choir practice, and arts and crafts hour which fostered my love of crafts and the interest in trying new things.

At the suggestion of an aunt, my mother got me involved in 4-H rather than Girl Scouts. I had always thought that 4-H was a “farming and agriculture” organization, but there were city clubs as well. 4-H had me looking at things that interested me and focusing on them for a year. During the year, the club leader expected us to make a presentation for each skill we had chosen to persue; then, at the end of the summer we entered a specific product or project for judging in the county fair. I learned how to cook and bake (and the idea of baking to perfection for a blue ribbon at the county fair), but I also learned how to sew, crochet, knit, and make candles, among other things.

Raising two children and teaching/directing theater nurtured many of my interests further.

I was raised to be a life long learner, and I am still finding projects I want to try, activities I want to explore, and subjects I want to learn more about.



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